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Joe Biden’s Challenges in a Post Trump World Order

The following piece is based on the author’s extensive experience dealing with Canada-US Relations at Global Affairs Canada. It focuses on the challenges that the Biden Administration is facing domestically and in foreign policy terms, including how the U.S. will try to regain its place as a leader within the liberal international order and mend its tattered reputation abroad.

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Three Mistakes From 1989

Three major challenges we are facing in 2020 – a worsening conflict in Afghanistan; an aggressive Chinese Communist Party; and an irredentist Kremlin – have their roots in major decisions taken in 1989.

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Introducing Roojin Habibi

Introducing Roojin Habibi The 2005 International Health Regulations (IHR) governs the world’s response to infectious diseases. Like most international treaties, implementation of the IHR must be consistent with prevailing rules...

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