Research and Publications
The CIC publishes The Signal Board, special reports, event briefings, the Behind the Headlines paper series, and the leading Canadian foreign policy journal International Journal.

The Signal Board

The Signal Board is the CIC’s blog platform. In this space, you will find a diverse array of content, from op-eds penned by CIC and external experts to interviews with policy makers and practitioners,  and reviews of trending international affairs publications. The Signal Board aims to inform readers on key international affairs issues, spur public debate on those issues and highlight the work of the CIC.


The CIC’s fellowship program attracts established researchers and foreign policy professionals, as well as Canada’s most promising young minds, providing them with the opportunity to help guide Canada on pressing foreign policy issues. Open to academic, public policy, business, media and other professionals with international expertise, the CIC awards a limited number of fellowships across Canada each year, creating an interdisciplinary team of experts, each focused on a particular issue area. 


The CIC produces rigorous and policy-relevant research on critical international issues, from developing a climate-change strategy, to confronting threats from non-state actors, to managing Canada’s evolving relationship with the United States. CIC research is independent: we owe no allegiance to any government or to any political body. The council does not take institutional positions on policy issues.

Behind the Headlines

First published in 1940 as a pamphlet series focused on contemporary Canadian foreign policy, Behind the Headlines evolved first into a quarterly current affairs magazine, and then into its current form as a policy paper series. The various iterations of Behind the Headlines shared a focus on international affairs and Canada’s place in the world, as well as an overriding goal of producing material accessible to a wide audience.

International Journal

Founded in 1946, International Journal (IJ) has long been Canada’s leading academic forum for serious discussion of foreign policy and international affairs. Published in conjunction with the Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History (CCIH), it combines brief, policy-relevant articles with longer, peer-reviewed, scholarly assessments of interest to foreign policy makers, analysts and academics in Canada and around the world. IJ is cross-disciplinary, combining the insights of political science and history with economics and other fields to advance research and dialogue on issues of global significance.


CIC Special Reports are the outgrowth of long-term CIC research projects and typically offer policy recommendations. Our Event Briefings present succinct overviews of CIC events, identifying key insights and findings.

Publications Archive

Search our publication archive to access papers, reports, briefings and other key documents of the CIC and CIIA dating back to 1928.
About Our Publications
Our publications offer fresh insights and provide a forum for valuable debate on foreign policy issues facing Canada and the broader international community. They target a wide audience from academics and policy specialists to journalists and interested citizens.

The views expressed in these publications are those of the contributors. The CIC is an independent policy institute and does not express opinions of its own. For information on permissions, translations or bulk copies of CIC publications, please contact